BAFTA Guru Live Offers an ‘Outlander’ Masterclass

On April 28th in Glasgow, Scotland, BAFTA is offering a masterclass on what goes on behind the scenes of a television show, and that show just happens to be Outlander.  The speakers include Nina Ayers, Costume Designer, David Brown, Producer, Stuart Bryce, Set Decorator, Nick Heckstall-Smith, 1st Assistant Director, Annie McEwan, Hair & Make Up Designer, Jon Gary Steele, Production Designer, Ali Walker, Director of Photography, and Michael Wilson, Co Producer.

This whole event just sounds fascinating to hear these important creators talk about their role on the show, people we don’t hear from too often in the press/publicity of the show.  Currently, you can get two tickets for £10 which includes an after-party with the promo code guru2410.

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Source: BAFTA