Murtagh and Lord William Spotted On Location of ‘Outlander’ Season Four (Photos)

***Spoiler Alert:  If you have not read Drums of Autumn or you just don’t want to be spoiled about this period of the show, it is best to skip this post!***

We previously posted about Outlander season four preparing to film in Cumbernauld Glen, and the fruits of this bout of filming have been quite exciting.  Both Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) and Lord William have been participating in filming.  Fans have spotted a very grey-haired Duncan Lacroix alongside Caitriona Balfe on location.  (I don’t think there is any real doubt that it is not him. Those eyebrows are still prominent!) They have also spotted the trailer functioning as Lord William’s green room.  We do not know the actor who is playing Lord William, and we cannot confirm the photos presented together with the trailer photo are the actor portraying him.

Source: Respective Instagram/Twitter accounts (if you are the original owner of these photos/videos, please let us know)