Costume Designer Terry Dresbach Shares Costume Details from Episode 312, “The Bakra”

After episode 312, “The Bakra, debuted online and before it aired live on Starz, costume designer Terry Dresbach shared sketches and photos of the costumes used in this episode.  This episode was the only one that had the use of formal gowns, and the emphasis was on the re-use of costumes from season two.  As Terry has pointed out, the fine gowns that Claire had commissioned, had made, or bought in France would have been kept and used to their full potential.  Even though Claire was no longer with Jamie, his relatives and his second wife and children altered these gowns for their own use.

Terry also shared some of the costumes from earlier in the season as well.

It should be pointed out that the costume department has nothing to do with the hair and makeup for the characters/actors.

Source: Outlander Costume on Twitter