Sophie Skelton on the ‘Outlander’ Season Four **union

**Spoiler Alert: If you have not read Drums of Autumn and do not want to be spoiled as to what happens in season four, skip this post for now.**

Sophie Skelton spoke with TV Guide about Brianna’s reunion with her father, Jamie (Sam Heughan).  Season four of Outlander is expected to start filming in the fall, but it seems Skelton has already read ahead in the books for her character.  Here is what she had to say.

“I think it will be really cool when they meet because I think we see a lot of Jamie in Brianna,” Skelton said. “I think as you know from Book 4, there’s a lot of clash between Jamie and Bree. It’s not some wonderful reunion. They have some hot-headed arguments, so I think that will be very cool.”

“With Bree, there’s an excitement to Jamie because she has this historian element that she shares with Roger [Wakefield] of digging into the history and the adventure of finding out who Jamie really is,” Skelton said. “I think it also raises a lot of questions in her own identity and which elements are actually her and what she’s adopted for Frank’s sake. She’s having a bit of an identity crisis in Season 3.”

Source: TV Guide