Sam and Caitriona on Aging, “Mature” Sex, Love, and Reunions (Video)

Refinery 29 was invited to the set of Outlander where they were able to interview Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) about season three.  The interviews revolve mostly about love, aging, “mature” aka older sex, and reunions.  Excerpts are below along with the video interview.  The background of Caitriona’s interview is the Boston apartment, and I am going to assume that Sam’s is Lallybroch.

Historical purists (a.k.a. me) could point out that 45 in 1766 would be considered nearing old age, but this is a fictional universe, so I’m fairly certain he’ll still be hunky, something Sam Heughan basically confirmed when we met. “Jamie ages more emotionally than physically,” he said. ” The aging process was more due to the trauma and experiences of his life that he’s gone through. I won’t be walking around with a wooden stick and long white hair.”

“I’m so excited to play that stuff because even though this show is a fantasy what we all try to do every day is ground it in some kind of reality,” Balfe explained. “It’s nice to have the ability to delve into the fantasy of what this relationship would be like. Anyone who’s spent any time away from their partner knows that when you first see each other again in your head, you’ve played all the scenarios of how perfectly it’s all gonna go. Then, somebody says one thing and you’re at each other’s throats. It’s important to allow this relationship to become real, and for them to discover who each other are all over again. They’re both flawed people. They’re not perfect. That’s also what makes it interesting.”


Source: Refinery 29