Emmy Magazine Article on ‘Outlander’ Season Three

Emmy Magazine has a new article centering on the third season of Outlander.  The article describes the massive undertaking of the show on every level including interviews with executive producer/writer Matthew B. Roberts, Caitriona Balfe, and Sam Heughan.  Excerpts are below, but head over to the Emmy Magazine site to read the entire thing. Two interesting things are mentioned in this article: the original standing stones broke in half last year, and Steven Cree (Ian) is prone to snapping his wooden leg while dancing.

“The main struggle in the writers’ room,” says Roberts, referring to the reunion all viewers will be waiting to see, “was having Claire separated from Jamie: how long do we keep them apart? We decided to show their lives separate for a while. You’ll see Claire working through the struggles of not being with Jamie.

“As for Jamie, well, he’s going off to die — he’s decided that it’s better to be dead than to live without his wife and his child. But, fortunately for us — as writers and viewers — he lives.”

“Unlike almost any other television show, we get to do almost a different genre every week. One week it’s a buddy pic, the next week you’re doing a battle, the next it’s Pride and Prejudice.”

“We’re doing this very romantic, epic show, but you do think about  that time and think — they all must have stunk. Can you imagine? No toothbrushes, no toothpaste. I mean, this is a love story — but in truth you wouldn’t have wanted to kiss anyone.”

“We see a darker Jamie this season,” Heughan says of his character. “He loses his identity, he’s trying not to be himself. Then he has to discover what  he’s living for. And also come to terms with the fact that Claire is gone. It does take some time for him to recover.”

Source: Emmy Magazine