Collider’s Visit to the Set of ‘Outlander’ Season Three

Collider was one of the lucky outlets invited to the set of Outlander season three.  Published yesterday, the post has an interview with Sam Heughan (Jamie) as well as a video compilation of interviews with the cast (Sam, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies).  Head over to Collider to read the entire interview with Sam, excerpts from it are below including the video interviews.

Is there anything that you have done physically to play older Jamie? Or if you haven’t filmed it yet, have you thought about it?
HEUGHAN: Yeah, there are many stages of the aging process. And to be honest, he’s not much older than myself when we get to it. So, it was more about the experiences that happened to him. About him shutting down from the world. He’s quite a charming, capable, forward-thinking man, and I wanted to see him shut down and lose that spark and that energy to him. So yeah, he’s got more weight to him and I think, physically, he’s not as proud, but sort of, his presence is slightly diminished. But it’s all due to the fact of losing Claire, losing his life. And so, hopefully we should see him rebuild back to the man he was. Just slightly older and few more lines!

It’s a really dark season from Jamie at the beginning. Is it tough for you to play those scenes as an actor?

HEUGHAN: We’re very lucky, we have a great director, Brendan, who did the first few episodes. He’s been a great guide to us. And it’s been a great challenge for Jamie. This character is terrific. In every season, I always feel I’ve got a challenge. Something new to learn and to do. So, I feel that definitely, this season, his journey has been quite lonely and quite revealing. It’s not as dark as Season 1 in that respect, but it has other places. But the aging thing is something we’ve had to really discuss and think about a lot, because we don’t want be playing these people with walking sticks and lots of gray hair. It’s about making a difference to who they were in the start.

Source: Collider