‘Outlander’ Merchandise Available At SDCC

When attending San Diego Comic Con one of the most relaxing and overwhelming (at the same time) things to do is to go to “the floor”. This is the exhibit floor that holds not only all the booths for the participants there like the Starz ‘Outlander’ print shop, but also booths where artists and companies can sell their goods. There are many amazing artists who will do custom prints and always something to be found no matter how obscure your interest is.

This year I found a few booths that had ‘Outlander’ merchandise and it was all going pretty quickly since there wasn’t a ton of it. I would say the hardest working booth for ‘Outlander’ items was Cryptozoic. Many fans have embraced the love for collecting the ‘Outlander’ trading cards, and the Season 2 set will be arriving August 9th. As with the Season 1 set Season 2 will include randomly inserted autograph cards. These were highly desirable cards with S1 as were the select costume cards that had small sections of character costumes used in production. The Cryptozoic booth was handing out SDCC exclusive ‘Outlander’ cards, meaning they will only be available to those that received them there. If you are a collector and were not able to make it to SDCC this year we picked up a few that we will be giving away in a few weeks so no reason to run to eBay yet.  I heard that Rock Love jewelry was there with ‘Outlander’ items but I was unable to find that booth, and then there was Quest who had Jamie and Claire bookmarks, Claire pillowcases (Jamie sold out fairly quickly and was gone by Thursday afternoon), poster sets, and drinking tankards. If you were there what ‘Outlander’ items did you see for sale? Did you get anything great?


Source: Outlander TV News