‘Outlander’ Season Two Trading Cards Coming Soon!

If you missed out on the first season of Outlander Trading Cards by Cryptozoic, here is your chance to get in on the action for season two of the trading cards.  The second season of cards will be released in July and will again have the same features as the first season, most exciting again are the autograph and wardrobe cards.

The autographs for season two have been slowly rolling in and George Nadeau of Cryptozoic has been sharing them as they come in.  The company does not release that autographs from a certain actor will be included until they arrive back at their office.  The details on the wardrobe cards have not been released yet.

I splurged a bit and bought one box of the season one trading cards and ended up with Sam Heughan autograph and a Nell Hudson/Laoghaire wardrobe card.  So in other words, I was happy with my purchase.

Only purchasing a sealed box of cards guarantees that you will receive one autograph card and one wardrobe card.  Purchasing packs is always an option, but that does not mean you will get any of the special cards.

Here are the details released thus far on the season two trading cards (courtesy of Outlander Trading Co.):

Product Details

Packs: 5 Cards per pack*, 24 packs per box**

*should you receive a wardrobe card in your pack you will only receive one regular card and one wardrobe card in that pack for a total of two cards.
**in trading card lingo a “box” can also be referred to as a “hobby box”

Base Set: 72 cards featuring episodic images from the season two

Chase Sets: These are card sets that are meant to be complimentary to the base set.

  • Chase Set #1 – Gardens of Versailles
  • Chase Set #2 – Character Bios
  • Chase Set #3 – Quotes
  • Chase Set #4 – Vive Les Frasers
  • Chase Set #5 – Star Power
  • Foil Variants for Base and Chase Sets

Inserts: These cards are also meant to be complimentary to the base set.

  • Autograph Cards* (1:24 packs)
  • Wardrobe Cards* (1:24 packs)
  • Dual Wardrobe Cards
  • Printing Plates (4 Printing Plates per card. magenta, Yellow, Cyan and Black.)

*Autograph and Wardrobe cards are randomly inserted, and ratios are representative of the entire print run. Total chance of finding a special insert is approximately 2:24 packs. No guaranteed number of special inserts per box.

There are some excellent Facebook groups that are geared toward trading cards or selling them (and there is always ebay).

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Here are authorized places to pre-order season two trading cards. If you are looking to get in the game for season one trading cards, it is a little too late and you will probably have to buy cards off of ebay.

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The Collectible Trading Cards

Dave and Adam’s

The Outlandish Trading Co.

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Umbrella Trading Cards (UK)

Sassenach Outlander Trading Cards (Australia)

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Outlander Treasures (Europe) 

Here are some of the autograph cards to be expected in a box of cards for season two:

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