Instagram Q & A with Writer/Producer Matthew B. Roberts

Outlander writer and producer Matthew B. Roberts diverted his attention away from Twitter recently and took to a Q & A session on Instagram.  Let’s just say this, it is much harder to follow along with an Instagram Q & A than with one held on Twitter.  The questions are not linked to the answers, so you have to scroll up and down to find them all.  While I love that Matt is trying to diversify his interaction with fans, I hope he does not do this too often.  The Q & A began on May 12, 2017, but that does not mean that all of the questions and answers were given on that day.  You can read all of the interactions on the below photo, and read our transcript for Outlander-related questions and answers. The questions and answers have not been altered for grammar or spelling.

Q: When are you done filming in SO?

A: no exact dates. But we have another block to go.

Q:  What have some of the challenges been filming in South Africa??

A:  the ships. It’s a major deal to film on them.

Q: Has Bear started working on S3 yet?

A: I certainly hope so… 😉

Q:  Have you had reliable weather for filming?

A:  when can anyone rely on the weather?

Q:  Any S4 scenes to be filmed in SA before you leave??

A:  no

Q: Have you filmed all the #Outlander Title Card Shots for Season 3?

A: No

Q:  Have you had time to do much sight seeing on the weekends?

A:   I am simultaneously working on season 4 so I don’t have much free time. The weekends are when I can catch up (in relative peace).

Q: I appreciate your images but you seem to have the Lions share of the work getting s3 promotion done. Hopefully you will have help from other cast/crew/execs soon??

A: I do not handle any promotion — that all comes from Starz.

Q:  Are you still on track to finish filming by the end of June?

A:  we are on schedule

Q:  Will you get a vacation this year? 😃

A:  Not sure yet.

Q:  Will you be remaining in South Africa till the end of #Outlander S3 filming now?

A:  Most of them are filmed, yes.

Q:  Are not you going to do some safari? Some of the truth, do you have to camp? Sure the photos would be awesome

A:  not sure I’ll have the time — it’s either safari or S4. Maybe you guys should vote.

Q:  How long will cast and crew have between the end of filming S3 and the beginning of S4?

A:  different breaks for different folks.

Q:  I saw somewhere Drums of Autumn is going to be filmed in Scotland. Is that true and if so when do you all go back to Scotland?

A:   multiple questions. Tricky. Yes

Q:  What’s your favorite scene of S3?

A:  I don’t play favorites. 😉

Q:  Anyone still getting seasick?

A:  me

Q:  How can you work so hard and for so many hours? ☕️ + …

A:  chai. Lots and lots of chai

Q:  Will you return to SA for season 4?

A:  no

Q:  Pesky midges in Scotland, anything eating you alive in SA?

A:  pretty cold here right now.

Q: When will you start scouting locations for S4??

A:   already started. I’m a busy boy.

Q:  Will us Capetonians have a chance to meet any of you before you finish filming?

A:  I’ve met many Capetonians already.

Q:  Matt, if you are looking locations for a “fictional” NC, I suggest Germany Black Forest. Have you ever been there?

A:   I have not. But the cake is delicious

Q:  How is work with @cesardomboy & @laurenlyle7 ?😀Thanks 😘

A:  they are both talented and lovely people

Q:  Thanks Matt. Here is my slo-mo question.😊Have you all decided where you will be filming the scenes that take place in America for S4 yet?

A: yes

Q:  How do you react to “fans” that get a little too carried away? Is that something you expected and how does it impact you! Much love! 😘😘

A:  outlander fans, carried away? Do they?

Q:  Which is more challenging… shooting in SA of Scotland?

A:  individual challenges; Scotland it’s rain, South Africa it’s wind

Q:  Your writing is inspired and your second unit work is seamless do you prefer one to the other or just embrace the difference in challenges. You’re so generous as are so many of the production’s family. Grateful

A:   I feel photography and writing are seamless– they are both storytelling using different mediums. That’s why I choose this profession.

Q:  have you started writing season 4?

A:   yes

Q: Are you planning to come to Charleston? If so, when? And can we help? 💙 We have plenty of unspoiled 18th century streets!

A: it’s on my bucket list.

Q:  thanks for doing this! I was wondering if the search for Ian was going to be a big part of season 3? Or did you write a different reason for their travels? I’m asking because I guess the dog is out of the bag on that one since we got official promo that Ian’s dog for season 4 has been cast. Guess he’s found alive and well in season 3!

A:  unfortunately I canna say — you’ll have to watch to see how it all unfolds.

Q:  Favorite location this season?

A:   Dunure

Q: Is filming in SA the last block before you wrap up?

A: yes we finish filming here.

Q: Are there certain scenes from DOA that you really want to write for S4 as you did the Print Shop scene for S3?

A:  I had the print shop picked out from day one — way back in 2012 when the writers started this show. Even though we didn’t have a S2 or S3 pick up at the time.

Q:  Is the S4 writersroom set? Familiar faces? More new names?

A:  yes it’s set. We added 3 new talented writers to the Clan.

Q: (Could not find the question)

A:  There are absolutely wonderful moments in S3. The writing (if I do say so myself), performances and cinematography are out of this world. I feel the team has outdone ourselves this season.

Q: Late for Q and A…. but one last hope to try to ask a question. Fingers crossed…. Will the behind the scenes next season give hints as to how the seas were filmed with visual effects? TY for all you do! Can’t wait!

A:  oddly enough we were just discussing that very thing. I think you my see a few videos and photos of how it’s done.

Q: Matt, both Dave Mustaine and Lou Diamond Phillips have both shown an interest in either a small part or cameos in S4. Any chance either one will be approached for a role? I like this slow burn Q&A. Everyone gets a chance to ask if they aren’t available when you are. Thank you!

A: we are definitely considering the prospect…

Q:   Matt, how many episodes are you in charge of and did you co-write with #ToniGraphia again ? You were such an amazing team during #Outlander Season 2 Finale (still my fave from season 2 )

A:  Toni and I are co-writing the finale again this year. I oversee the creative Producers who cover each block. So basically I’m always here.

Q: Thanks Matt and the cast/crew for all you guys do to bring us #Outlander. How many episodes, did you write this season? #Q&A

A:  I wrote two on my own and co-wrote one with Toni.

Q: Any chance S4 will film in the location the book takes place?

A:  slim

Q:  lil late but I hope get answered! 😊 Did you wrote this season’s scripts more easily or was more difficult? Considering the circumstances of the stories, with all the telling parts of a 20 year life for Jamie and Claire.

A:  it was production that was more challenging– to filming different time periods in the same blocks.

Q: Are there any women directors for S3 episodes?

A: yes (Sarah – we already knew this.)

Q:  well i believe it is important that you are refreshed and still enjoy working on the project for us to get the best S4…so I’m happy for you to take a little you time Matt. At work we call them ‘mental health days’ 👍🏻😃

A: well with the extremely tight schedule, I’m not sure that’ll happen between S3 and S4. I’ll have to grab a few days when I can?

Source: Instagram