Another Track Released from the Upcoming ‘Outlander’ Season Two Soundtrack

Who else has preordered their Outlander Season Two Soundtrack by Bear McCreary?  It comes out eight days from now!

To add to the release excitement, another track from the soundtrack has been released for your listening pleasure.  It is the French “The Skye Boat Song” theme sung by Raya Yarbrough with music by Bear McCreary.

Here is what Bear said about the change in the theme song for half of season two:

“I feared that so many drastic changes in the main title might be too jarring to the audience,” McCreary said in a statement from Starz. “So showrunner Ron Moore and I decided instead to create a hybrid of the French and Scottish arrangements, a version ideal for broadcast.”

“We also had concerns when we looked to the future. Our characters would not spend the entire season in Paris, which meant that our main title would have to change again before the season concluded.”

Listen to the track below:

Source: Buzzfeed