Ronald D. Moore on the Excitement and Difficulties of ‘Outlander’ Season Three

**If you prefer to stay in the dark and spoiler-free regarding the events of season three, skip this post.*


Outlander showrunner/executive producer recently spoke at the Edinburgh International Television Festival about his career and science fiction.  If you were lucky enough to attend then I am already jealous, but I am just jealous in general if you live in the U.K..  Two articles have been written about his talk with some direct quotes.  If you have read Voyager, you know that there are some difficulties production-wise with making this season.  I don’t envy Ron and Maril Davis.  Below are the quotes relating to Outlander, but check out the sources at the end of the post to read about his entire talk.

“There’s an extended journey across the Atlantic and then the story eventually goes to Jamaica, the Caribbean and ending up in the New World,” he said. “Season 3 will be as different to Season 2 as Season 2 was to Season 1.”

“It’s exciting creatively; it’s very hard in terms of the production… You are doing a whole new series with every season. So that’s very difficult. Scouting new locations, building new sets, bringing in new cast members, new costumes, different eras. It increases the expense, it increases the time necessary to prep everything, to shoot everything… So it makes it more difficult and it also takes more mental energy having to crack new problems.”

“My job as the showrunner is to figure out how to service that audience and also bring in a new audience that has never read these books. And the show, week after week, has to function on both these levels.”

Source: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter