Preview the 2017 ‘Outlander’ Calendars

2017 Calendars

Three 2017 Outlander calendars are available to purchase for fans to purchase to adorn their walls and desks.  With 2017, there is the addition of a mini calendar to the wall and daily calendars from 2016.  All three calendars have images from season one and two.  Below is a video I made of the three calendars.  I apologize in advance for “umms” that permeate my vocabulary when I am making these videos.

There will be a giveaway for all three calendars coming up in July or August, so stay tuned.

If you purchase the calendars through the below links, we will be receive a portion of the purchase price to support this site and its writers.

2017 Outlander Wall Calendar

2017 Outlander Mini Calendar

2017 Outlander Daily Calendar

Source: Amazon, Outlander TV News