‘Outlander’ Fans’ Before and After Photos of the Season Two Finale


The writing crew at Outlander TV News has seen the season two finale. When we watched, we took photos before the 90 minute “Dragonfly in Amber” episode and after the final scene.

We want to see your before and after photos for the season two finale!  Take a selfie, have the significant other snap some shots, or take a photo of your whole group of friends watching.  This is something to show how you reacted to the finale in a photo (visually), not in words.

Post your photos in the comments section here, tag us (@OutlanderTVNews) on Twitter with your photos, or post them on our Facebook Page.

We know not everyone sees the finale tomorrow, so send them when you do.

To start off, here are our photos!  I think Amanda takes first prize for her reaction photo!  Ashley said she did not ugly cry in this episode, but I (Sarah) did cry and it is only the second time that has happened this season.  Amanda obviously did.

SEK and Megan beforeSEK and Megan after

Johanna BeforeJohanna After

Ashley BeforeAshely After

Amanda beforeAmanda After

Thanks to the Outlander fans who sent in their pics!

Tiffany and Catherine

B and A finale


B and A finale


B and A finaleB and A finale



Source: Outlander TV News