Executive Producer Maril Davis (and Sam) on the ‘Outlander’ Season Two Finale

Executive producer Maril Davis spoke to both Access Hollywood and Moviefone about the Outlander season two finale, which airs July 9, 2016 on Starz.

Maril also spoke to Access Hollywood at the Saturn Awards about the finale.

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Here are excerpts from the Moviefone interview, but please click here to read the entire article.

How challenging was that, to go to the scale you needed to go to to depict a war?

Well, we won’t actually see [the war yet], we don’t quite get to Culloden in these last two episodes. It’s kind of towards the eve of it. So I’m not sure we’ll get to the “Game of Thrones” battle that they had. But it was a really emotional time, these last two episodes, and really powerful performances. I think we’re all so proud of these last two.

How does that pickup affect the way you tell the story? Does it affect it, the knowledge that you have two seasons? Is that going to change the way you pace things out?

No, I mean, I think it’s personally gratifying, and kind of like, “Oh, okay. We can relax in terms that we don’t have to also have the fans asking us constantly, ‘When is Season 4 coming?” when Season 3 is on. [Laughs] Honestly, we haven’t changed our game plan. We are kind of sticking to a book a season. So that hasn’t changed. It’s just changed the amount of work we have to do.

Source: YouTube, Access Hollywood, Moviefone