Ronald D. Moore Prepares Readers for More Book Changes In the Future


Let’s face it, Outlander, the television series, has stayed pretty close to Outlander, the novels.  We might not all have loved the changes, but I think we can all agree that some of them have made the series better (Rupert, Angus, and Murtagh changes are at the top of my list).  As we progress towards the season two finale and the preparation for seasons three and four, I think we all need to again separate the book from the series and enjoy it for what it is.

In an interview with Bustle, Ronald D. Moore was asked about what is to come in Outlander.  Excerpts are below, but head over to Bustle to read the entire article.

“Our goal is still to try and be as faithful as we can to the books. [That’s] the way we started the project,” he explains. Still, there may be added elements, such as Claire’s PTSD in Season 2, which will keep fans on their toes. “I think the longer that you go, the more the TV series inevitably veers from the book and certain plot lines then take on a life of their own. Certain characters change and you have to follow the way they change,” Moore says. “Rupert and Angus weren’t even really in the book as a duo, that’s part of our storyline. That’s always gonna be different than it was in the book. Our version of Frank is different than he was in the book. Those changes add up and the further in you go, the bigger those separations become.”

“Definitely in the finale, there’s a storyline that was not in the book, but it’s around one of the characters that’s in the book,” he reveals. “We expanded on that and broidered on that because it just seemed like it was a great opportunity, it was a lot of fun.”

In Ron, we trust.

Source: Bustle