Sam Heughan in Los Angeles Then & Now.

Sam Heughan

In a recent Los Angeles Magazine highlight, Sam Heughan (Jamie) shares his early experiences as a struggling actor in the City of Angels. A private person most of the time, Sam’s first-person account is refreshing. (And respected.)


I’m wandering around, thinking, “This is insane. I probably don’t have enough money of my own to buy a beer.”

I’d just arrived and was looking down at the stars on the street, and my phone rang. I was working at a bar in London part-time, and it was my bar telling me that I had missed my shift. They asked if I would be there in about ten minutes, and I said, “I’m really sorry. I’m in Los Angeles!” They thought I had slept in.

 I still hadn’t gotten a grip on the city—I couldn’t drive at the time, so I went to all my meetings on the bus. It would take hours to get anywhere, and I’d turn up sweaty and exhausted and slightly lost.

My first driving experience in L.A. is so embarrassing. I passed my test in the U.K. because I knew I was coming to America. The first car I had here was a bright yellow Fiat 500, which is the smallest car in the world.  

I don’t drive it anymore; I take the Metro a lot now. I enjoy it when I’m going to Staples Center to watch basketball and ice hockey because then you can drink some beer.

I had never walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes until we got nominated for Outlander this year. It’s incredible to have spent this many years coming to L.A. and finally have something to show for it. 

Source: Los Angeles Magazine