Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore and Anne Kenney in Episode 203 (Video)

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(If you have not seen episode 203, there are spoilers in this post.)

Executive producer Ronald D. Moore and episode writer Anne Kenney explain more about Outlander Episode 203, “Useful Occupations and Deceptions.”  In the video, Ron and Anne discuss the hospital set, Mother Hildegarde (Frances de la Tour), Bouton (real name Scamp), and Fergus (Romann Berrux).

Ron’s podcast for episode 203 has not been uploaded to Starz’s site yet.  Episode 202’s podcast is not up if you are still looking for it.  Update (4/30/2016): 203’s podcast is now up.

Head over to the Outlander Community to learn more about the saffron dress, building the brothel, and some visual effect. You can also look at the script with notes from writer Anne Kenney.

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Source: Starz