Caitriona Balfe in the Herald Scotland

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In her interview with the Herald Scotland, Caitriona Balfe (Claire) covers the bases from her days walking the runway as a model to her casting on Outlander and on.

Most notably, she credits the show’s popularity to its universal themes of displacement, separation and love, derived from its namesake and inspiration, the Outlander book series by Diana Gabladon.


“There is something about the equality of power in that relationship,” she says. “You have two fully formed characters who are equals. They challenge each other, allow each other to grow and sometimes force each other to grow. I think that is what people respond to.”

“Diana [Gabaldon] says a lot of her readers are people in the army who have to experience these long distance [separations] with either their husband or wife,” she says. “These are situations that affect a lot of people in today’s modern world.”

“Our economies are so global that people don’t stay in one little place all the time, but we still have that yearning for a home spot – a place we feel rooted and connected.”

Source: Herald Scotland