Bear McCreary Really Has Always Loved Bagpipes: Inverse Interview

It is a moment I will never forget. I still get chills just thinking of it. I was sitting in a theater surrounded by hundreds of fellow Outlander fans, those curtains opened up and the first chords of the opening theme to Outlander started playing through the speakers. *there they are, the chills*.

I wasn’t the only one, when you speak with fans of Outlander the series on Starz there are always opinions on what people like and dislike about the show. There are two things I don’t know that I have ever heard complaints on, the visual that is Scotland, and the SCORE. The score is pure magic, and Emmy Award winning composer Bear McCreary is the magician.

Bear McCreary sat down with Inverse and discussed what it has been like to compose for a few of his most recent shows including Black Sails, The Walking Dead, and Outlander. Did you know that the title piece to Outlander was written before the show was created? Head on over to the interview HERE and find out what magic Season 2 holds in store for us.

Bear McCreary

Source: Inverse