Outlander Community Gets a Revamp

Does anyone remember when Outlander Community first debuted? We were all jazzed to see everyone’s Twitter and Instagram posts pop up on the main page.  There were also quizzes and other special features time to time.  We were lucky to be included on the blog portion of the site.

Starz has refocused their attention on Outlander Community for season two and completely redone the site.  The brand new character portraits now greet you when the site loads and among the features are videos, gifs, quizzes, photos, fan art (woohoo!), cast Q and A’s, links to podcasts, and a link to Outlander Kitchen’s site (I am sure Theresa is seeing a major jump in traffic right about now).  Still intact are the twitter posts by fans that pop up on the site.  Right now, Outlander Community has more season two content than Starz’s Outlander site.  We hope that changes soon.

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Outlander Community