Outlander Season 2 Official Photos- Jamie and Murtagh French Gentlemen

Today’s #OutlanderOfferings gift is one that is really decking the halls! In this new official photo released by STARZ we see Jamie (Sam Heughan) and  Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) in their French finery. It looks like everyone but Murtagh is amused or concerned, and we get a nice look at some of the male costumes that Terry Dresbach and her team have worked their magic on to produce.

Updated with the evening #OutlandishOfferings set picture.

Updated: Another #OutlandishOfferings set photo has been posted this evening. What could it be? Is it Claire’s? Master Raymond’s? Only time will tell. -Ashley

12342451_974312505961292_768837963994233111_n CWSpFK7VAAE0U7o Season Two Official Photo

Source: Starz