New/Old Season One Promotional Shots of Jamie and Claire in ‘Outlander’

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Photographer Nick Briggs uploaded quite a few of his photos from a promotional photoshoot of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) from the first season of Outlander.  We have seen a few of these photos before, but many of these have never been season before. Nick has the photoshoot labeled as pre-production, so these photos may have been shot before filming began.

Thanks Outlander Italy via Veronica for finding these.

OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00036 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00037 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00039 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00088 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00117 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00118 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00122 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00123 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00124 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00156 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00228 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00453 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00457 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00530 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00540 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00557 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00561 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00571 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00572 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00573 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00578 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00711 OUT-Elevated_20131004_NB-00717

Source: Nick Briggs