Full Twitter Q&A with Maril Davis and Matt B Roberts

Today Maril Davis (Executive Producer) and special guest Matt B Roberts (Producer and Writer) of Outlander took to Twitter to answer fans questions about season 2 filming, who they will miss the most in upcoming seasons, if we need to take out stock in tissues for season two, (or if watching particular sports teams), and how they find the amazing locations that take our breath away when we see them on our screen. Continue reading to see the full question and answer session.

Which character or actor are you going to miss the most in later seasons?

All of them. #highlanders -Maril


On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 most), where does BAFTA Scotland #Outlander snub rate for ?

I’m disappointed but mostly for our Scottish crew. I like them to get the recognition they deserve! -Maril


Ok name some female #Outlander directors for S2? Loved

Anna was great. We don’t have any yet. Not due to lack of trying! 🙁 -Maril


Who in the cast is typically: -first one on the set? -last one on the set?

It doesn’t really work that way. Actors have call times. They show up when called! -Maril


How many episodes will season 2 have? #Outlander Oregon!

13 episodes. Go Oregon! -Maril


How similar is your job to Ron’s? Do you get more time on set?

I tend to be on set more. As I’ve said before we kind of split up responsibilities and I do what he doesn’t want to! 😉 -Maril

Will you have most of the Outdoor filming completed before bitter Scots winter kicks in?
Unfortunately no! We’re shooting thru the winter! ⛄️⛄️❄️💨 -Maril
Will most of the outdoor filming be done now that the colder air has come?
I wish. There’s no escape of the winter #winteriscoming -Maril
It’s been pretty good so far. We’ve been lucky. But winter is coming -Matt
Are the remaining episodes being filmed in Scotland..due to the weather will they be filmed on set?
We’ll go outside when the story calls for it. We have the toughest cast and crew in the biz -Matt
I’ve heard that, Ron mentioned we’re in heavy coats and Scotland crew in sweats if that 🙂
It’s like this — LA last week 95+ Scotland 50’s … Our blood is thinner. -Matt
Will Frank’s character will also be in season 3
I would imagine he would be -Maril
Will there be an S2 premier in NY like part 2 had?
Not sure. That’s a Starz question! -Maril
Hi Maril! What has been the most challenging aspect for you for S2? TY for the Q&A
Story (DIA) was a little more difficult to adapt to screen -Maril

Will a third book is divided into two seasons?
No decisions about S3 yet! -Maril
We should probably finish the S2 first. -Matt
Whose wonderful idea was it to get @Writer_DG to write a script for S2?And any hesitation on her part?
I believe that offer came up in S1 but she wanted to wait until S2. 🙂 -Maril
When is promotional tour going to start for S2 … ? Thank you
That’s an @Outlander_Starz question! -Maril
Besides @TheMattBRoberts who else has stunned u both with their #Outlander writing and/or creativity in the adaption?
ALL our writers are amazing. They deserve more recognition than they get! These books aren’t easy to adapt. -Maril

Will S2 be referred to as Outlander, with subtitle DOA?
Still deciding. -Maril


What do u do between takes to entertain yourselves?
Answer emails, make fun of Sam and/or go up to the office of we’re on set -Maril

Hi Maril & Matt. Are any of the lines and script sometimes improvised?
Normally no. Any changes are discussed beforehand -Maril

Name three #Outlander crew members you’d like to mention for their effort? #crewmattersmost
No way. I’d need to mention all. -Maril

Can you tell us which episode is currently being filmed and who is directing?
Not sure I can talk director but we’re filming eps. 9 and 10 -Maril

What do you think of what BAFTA and Tourism Scotland have said about Outlander?
Have they said something? -Maril

Have you watched any of the Rugby World Cup games?
No. I’m in LA. Hard to catch. And while I like taking part in office pool, I’m not a huge rugby fan. Sorry! -Maril

When will S2 filming be complete?
Next year -Maril
How many episodes block are finished?
Three blocks and 7 episodes done #Whew! -Maril
What’s a block?….
A ‘block’ is two episodes schedule together. -Matt

Who is the Scot who has watched Claire comb the hair ? Season One ! I wonder that the whole time?
It’s Jamie. @Writer_DG has said so many times. -Maril

Do you get to do any of the driving in the Highlands or do you leave it to the pros?
I drive in Scotland -Matt

Who is on your Squad that finds these really amazing locations for filming?
We have a locations department! -Maril
Location dept. writers, producers, & director all go on scouts -Matt

Do you have any takes that’d make a perfect blooper reel material for season two DVD/BluRay yet?
Lol. We always do! -Maril

Can you tell us if any S2 episodes are “in the can” – completely scored, edited, finalized, ready to roll whenever?
No episode is completely finished yet. It takes a while to get thru the post production process! -Maril


Matt, ever think about putting out a book,of your amazing photographs?
I have, but I cannot use any BTS photos. So it would be a book of just my photos, not @Outlander_Starz pics. -Matt


Do the actors and crew have any down time on set?
10 hour days (that’s filming time) so not much down time. -Matt

Are [is there] any a chance to see the video with Sam and Caitriona’s casting?
Not yet. I’d want to make sure Sam and Cait were OK with that as well -Maril

What, if anything, can Starz do to increase coverage of OL (Outlander) so that it gets better known?
I think we’re doing pretty well, no? -Maril

Have you been to Prague?
Yes, It’s beautiful. -Maril

Which has been your favourite location shoot this season?
Prague was lovely -Matt


What’s your favourite location/set on S2 so far?
The paris sets are amazing thx to @jongarysteele and talented team -Matt

Thought of you in Hawaii- when’s next opp for a vacation?
And you guys call me a tease. Not nice. -Matt

When do you head back to Scotland?
Verra Soon! -Maril
If you did film in NC, would you do an open casting call? I.e.; from that region?
For extras? Probably? -Maril

How long are you scheduled to be shooting S2?
Into next year -Maril

Can you tease anything about ‘the’ red dress?
Nope -Maril

Please confirm if Maeve Foley is joining Outlander. Thx much
She works on the show. Not a cast member 🙂 -Maril

With all the talk of equal pay/rights, does @caitrionambalfe earn same as @SamHeughan for #Outlander? You would know.
I would NEVER discuss how much people make. That would not be ok for me to do -Maril


Question from protected account
Episodes 9 and 10 -Maril

How often do you all get a chance to get together ‘after hours’ or ‘off days’? What are usually the activities?
We socialize as coworkers do but not a lot of time. Every once in awhile Cait drags me out running! 🙂 -Maril

Creating shooting schedule must be complicated. Who does it and how?
Creative Producer, UK Producer, UPM and the 1st AD work it out… But it’s mostly the 1st AD -Matt

What do you each think have been the biggest challenges so far in s2 production?
It’s always the weather and light. We can fight most things, but not mother nature -Matt

Will you, Ron and actors appear at the LA Peoples Choice awards this year ?
Probably not me or Ron. Maybe the actors is they will something? Not sure -Maril

Have you been picking up some French?
I have a petit pry of French from high school. But c’est tout! -Maril


Greetings from Alaska. As a book lover Do you sometimes have to fight for scenes not be cut or added?
Hello Alaska!! Yes, I fight all the time! Sometimes you win and sometimes u lose. But onscreen it all works in the end! -Maril
And sometimes it rains! -Matt


Based on what you’ve seen so far, are we going to cry buckets again this season?
Yes. -Maril

Have you shot any scenes yet that you think will make viewers cry?
Many. My advice: stock up on tissues -Matt


Are all the writers and producers in Scotland when filming?
No, Usually 2 writers there at a time.1prepping &1 covering shooting. Ron & I go back & forth -Maril


Of the seven episodes you’ve filmed, do you have one you’re most excited for us to see?
Lol. That would be playing favourites. !!! –Maril


Favorite episode of filming S2 so far?
Mine :-{)> -Matt


Which costume was your favorite?
Too many to choose but from S1 I’m partial to Claire’s riding coat with the fur trimmed good #ItsMineAllMine!! -Maril


Ron D. Moore is often recognized when out. Are you?
Am I recognised? Only by my friends and family 🙂 Although I did run into a lovely fan and her daughter at PDX last weekend! -Maril

Will season 2 encompass DIA [Dragonfly in Amber] from beg. to end the way season 1 did with Outlander?
Yes -Maril
I can say this… we’ve read the whole book all the way through a few times. :-{)> -Matt

Do we have new directors for S2?
Yep -Maril


What was your favorite moment while shooting season two so far?
Bouton? 🙂 -Maril

Are there any changes from the book you’ve made that you’re really excited for viewers to see?
Yes, there’s this great scene in episode…Oh, wait, I’ve said too much. You know I can’t answer that… -Matt

Who is the funniest person on the set?
Probably Miss Caitriona @caitrionambalfe (C- you can pay me later) -Maril

What happens if/when story line crosses ocean? Would filming be done in the states?
Not sure yet. We have enough on our hands filming THIS season! -Maril

Have you always dreamed/planned of working in TV/Film industry or did you kind of stumbled into it?
Yes I always knew I wanted to work in TV or sports -Maril

Did you get in a kilt?
Me? Do ladies wear kilts??? -Maril




Had any banoffee pie lately?

No! But we’ve had it TWO times since I’ve been away -Maril


Have you ever tested up from watching a scene being shot?

Teared up? Yes. A scene we recently shot for episode 7 (shout out to Toni G) and last year the scenes from Wentworth. -Maril


Have you ever cried from watching a scene?

I’m tough as nails, only watching the Dodgers lose out of the playoffs yet again makes me cry -Matt

Matt you didn’t mention Hockey. Any chance that sport makes you cry, my team does that to me!

The have given me two Cups recently so… I’ve been pretty happy with them. -Matt


When S2 is complete, what will you do first? Like vacay?

Sleep in! -Matt


What food or beverage do you miss most when in Scotland?

Lol. Nothing 🙂 Matt would say steak pie!!! -Maril

Oh yeah, some Steak Pie!!! -Matt


Was there a specific episode you wanted to write & why?

Ep 6… I’ll get specific on the podcast -Matt


Have you had any personally favorite scenes from the books that didn’t make it onscreen?

There’s something from this season that I will miss but I can’t discuss it now! Most made it onscreen! -Maril


Spending so much time in Scotland, do you find yourself starting to use Scottish expressions?

A wee bit -Matt


Any problems with midges while filming this season?

I was attacked while filming a night scene… not fun -Matt


Do you carry your camera with you all the time?

I’d say I have a camera with me about 90% of the time. -Matt


We are doing everything to VOTE cast for . If nominated will schedule allow San/Cait attend.

Thank you, not sure. It’s all about the shooting schedule! -Maril


Hello from Vancouver, BC! Have you started dreaming about potential S3 yet? An exciting one!

One can always dream. I’ve dreamed of Drums too -Matt


Do you still go back and read the books while filming?

Yes, I read over parts all the time -Maril


Hey ! just woke up to go to a telethon event here in australia, and saw your q&a! in your eyes, how different is s1 to s2?

Very different!!! But just as amazing -Maril


Would love to do a cameo in season 2?

Would I? No. Takes too much time. I have a full time job already 🙂 -Maril


Will English subtitles be used when French is spoken onscreen? Je ne parle pas Français.

Peut etre. That’s “maybe” right??? ! -Maril


Have the scripts all been written or are some still in process?

Still writing!!! -Maril


Is there things that are in script that get changed in filming?

Sure, all the time. But discussions usually happen before we get to set  -Maril


Hi Maril Just wanted to know when are you coming to London? You can bring if you want?

Lol. In our “free” time???  -Maril