Twitter Q & A with Lotte Verbeek (April 17, 2015)


[There are spoilers in this Q & A if you have not read Outlander.]

Official Episode 110


Lotte Verbeek conducted a Twitter Q & A with Outlander fans this morning/afternoon.  Below are the relevant tweets to Outlander.  For all the tweets, head over to her Twitter account, @LotteVerbeek1.  Usernames have been excluded from the transcript.

Q: I don’t know if you’ve read the books, but I just can’t wait to see you playing as Mrs. Abernathy!

A: What?!?!? Perhaps i should start reading the books…

Q: Have we watched your personal favorite scene yet?

A: Yas!

Q: If you were to go through the stones, what time would you want to end up in?

A: 1920, for the skirts.

Q: Which scene did you rehearse for the role of Geillis?

A: The first meeting with Claire, Caitriona Balfe, was my audition scene.

Q: Loved you in Borgias! As an actress do you feel that you may have connected more to Geillis vs Giulia?

A: Perhaps… plus, GD wears red shoes and dances naked.

Q: What was it about Geillis and Outlander that convinced you to audition for the part?

A: I didn’t want to at first! GD looks so different in the books. but the scene stole my heart.

Q: It was lovely to see you in NYC with the cast. Are you comfortable with the crowds and fan frenzy?

A: Easing in to it:-)

Q: What do you like about filming in Scotland and what do you dislike? Well done on the accent!

A: Thanks! Loved the people. but the bloody rain though!

Q: Did you fall in love with Scotland when filming here and will you return?

A: Yes and yes

Q: Your favourite line so far?

A: They say I’m a witch.

Q: Any chance Geillis will put a spell on Laoghaire for us fans ???

A: If it serves The Cause…;-)

Q:What’s your most favorite components of Geillis’ character that you get to play that is like or unlike yourself?

A: She is playful like me. She murders unlike me.

Q: So what animal would Geillis be?

A: There is a bit of a squirrel.

Q: Geillis is one of Diana’s most intriguing characters – have you consulted with her about Geillis’ character?

A: Yes! over a couple of drams.

Q: What is it about Geillis that makes her so quirky about how she wears some of her clothes? It’s great!

A: i like to think of Geillis as a creature more than a person. something wildly animalistic about her.

Q: Was it difficult to do the naked ritual scene last episode? You were amazing, I was swept away as I watched.

A: Thanks! I love being naked so that is not so different from Geillis. but it’s the added cameras …..

Q: Are you as tactile as you portray Geillis to be?

A: Yeah…. very much so…

Q: You’re absolutely brilliant in this week’s ep! Would love to see more backstory on Geillis. Would you?

A: Yes! and we might….;-)

Q: Great job! What was your audition scene and did you have to do a chemistry test?

A: No chemistry test! first GD scene in ep 2, I nibbled on some mint leaves and we kinda kept that.

Q:  I wonder, how long it took to put that fake pregnant belly on you?

A: Belly took about 2 hours!!

Q: Where do you think Dougal and Geillis met to consumate their affair? Include details.

A: Ha! naughty question. The still room? In front of the fire where she throws away the poison??

Q: How would you compare your role as Geillis to your former iconic role of Giulia Farnese? 🙂

A: So many differences. GD is just a bit more foresty, I would say.

Q: Your prosthetic baby bump in the dancing scene looked pretty real – what was it like to wear one?

A: Cozy. It made me feel very maternal.

Q: Who would win in a fight: Geillis Duncan or Julia Farnese?

A: GD for sure.

Q: What has been your favourite costume to date?

A: The pixie coat and The Raven!

Q: I read that many signed extended contracts. As the story progresses, will be you coming back, I hope?

A: Who knows…

Q: You are an amazing actress! What has been your favorite scene to film so far?

A: Thanks!!! The one coming up this weekend. plus dancing in the forest too.

Q: How many pronunciations of your name have you heard this year?

A: Lost track. best ones were Vladimir and Lobster.

Q: I recall seeing a picture that you tweeted of your feet very muddy. What scene is this?

A: Good memory! Dance scene in the forest.

Q: Geillis understands Gaelic, but she doesn’t ever speak it that I can recall. Is there a reason?

A: To make my life easier on set..??

Q: Geillis’ voice is great, but creepy – as befits her character. How did you come up with it?

A: Well, Diana Gabaldon wrote her really really well!

Q:  Who is the funniest person on set?

A: Graham McTavish, my on screen man

Q: If you had to play a man character in Outlander, who would it be? 🙂

A: Why, Black Jack of course:-)

Q: What is your favourite thing about Geillis?

A: That she is so freakin wicked!

Q: Why do u think Geillis is so cagey about revealing her past to Claire? I always thought she would have told her.

A: Ahaaa… revelations coming up!

Q: Was the dance you did in the latest episode choreographed or improvised? And did you enjoy it?

A: Dance was choreographed. loved every ice cold second of it:-)

Q: DG books have Gellis gaining weight is that something you might do?

A: Wha?!?!?!

Source: Lotte Verbeek on Twitter