Lotte Verbeek: What Secrets Does Geillis Keep?

Lotte VerbeekWe hope to find out exactly what secrets Ms. Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) is keeping when the second half of this season returns April 6th. We already know that the remainder of this season will have a much darker tone than what we’ve seen in the first half, and Verbeek hints towards the fact that she will play a key part in the turmoil that is coming Jamie and Claire’s way.


I think we get a lot of good information from this interview. She hints towards Episode 11 being HUGE for her character (and those of us who’ve read the book know what probably happens there). She shares the knowledge that there is a lot going on behind the scenes with Geillis, as well as the fact that we, the audience, don’t know the characters as well as we think we do so far. In reference to being cast, she reported that she was not worried at all, but rather honored and excited, resonating well with the character of Geillis. She describes Geillis as “determined and feisty”, how she always has an end game that she is working towards. What surprised me, but that I liked, was that she feels Geillis does know that Claire is from another time, that she has time-traveled to be here in this time period. It lends an interesting layer to the scenes where we’ve already seen Geillis.

Source: Seat42F