Sam Heughan Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine April 2015 Issue

Sam Heughan is featured in “The Hotness” page in the April 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.  What do we find out from this one page feature?  He is a texter, emoji user extraordinaire, appreciates the phone call over the text, his British v. Scottish women comparison, loves a scotch-drinking woman, but will take a fruity drink for himself.

Update (3/15/2015):  More has been released from this interview.  Here are some excerpts, but head over to Cosmo to read the entire interview.

Dating Claire (his character Jamie’s love interest): “She’d be a good date. Ultimately, it’s all about personality, isn’t it? But yeah, Claire would be fantastic date, she’d have some good stories to tell as well.”

Great romances: “The classic, Romeo and Juliet for me is the iconic story of young love. I’ve been in that production on stage a few times as Romeo and also playing Paris. I love stories about the end of relationships too, like the film Amour, which was really, really beautiful. Blue Valentine was a really sad movie but I loved the moments when they’re discovering each other for the first time. HopefullyOutlander can become one of the greats.”

Sam Heughan Cosmo MagSource: Cosmopolitan Magazine via Twitter, Cosmo Magazine