Sam Heughan Discusses the Return of ‘Outlander’ with Channel Guide Magazine

Back in late February, Sam Heughan spoke with Channel Guide Magazine about Outlander, particularly where the show is headed upon its return in April.

“We start off from Jamie’s point of view, and we see everything that he goes through to get to the point where he [tries to] rescue her,” Heughan says. “Their relationship is now tested constantly. They’re always battling to get back to each other, to find some sort of common ground. … It’s about their relationship moving forward, and discovering about each other. Largely, that’s what a modern relationship is, really. You learning about how to interact.”

“As we begin to discover in the second part of the season, he’s got a lot more chinks in his armor. He’s not actually as perfect as we think he is. He has pride, and is stubborn, and has a lot of relationships he’s not dealt with yet. His sister, and his father, and I think also … we just begin to learn a lot more about who he is.”

Heughan also discusses working with Caitriona Balfe and getting back to work on season two. Check out the entire article here.

Source: Channel Guide Magazine