Sam Heughan Discusses ‘Outlander’ with Glamour UK

Outlander finally made its debut on Amazon Prime UK today and star Sam Heughan recently spoke to Glamour UK about the series. Heughan touches on the dynamic between Jamie and Claire, as well as the ever persistant comparisons to HBO’s Game of Thrones and Outlander having “equal exposure between the sexes.”

Check out a few excerpts below an read the article in its entirety here. *There is a small spoiler for an upcoming episode in the article. Book readers will be familiar with the scene in question, but read at your own risk.*

“There are other programmes where there are sex scenes, but there is equal exposure between the sexes here,” he sad. “It’s not exposure for exposure’s sake. None of us would have been happy with that. We had a lot of serious discussions with producers and writers about how those scenes should be filmed. Ultimately, if something has to be sexual should be it of the mind.”

“She is slightly more experienced and he is grown up for his age and has his own set of moral values,” said Heughan. “She is more modern way of thinking because she’s from a different time.”

“It’s fair enough,” he said. “Outlander is based on a group of books; there’s a slight fantasy element to it, but ours is authentic – we try to stick to historical accuracy as possible. Ours is about a small group of people and a core relationship, rather than big armies.”

Source: Glamour UK