Season One Volume One of ‘Outlander’ Is Coming to the Netflix DVD Plan

I was just checking my queue for my Netflix DVD queue and noticed that Outlander has a March 2015 date next to the title in the “Saved Titles” section.  There will be two discs for the eight episodes.  So if you don’t have premium cable and you don’t want to buy the DVDs, here is the cheapest avenue for those in the USA.  I would bet that Outlander will not be a part of the Netflix Streaming.  So upgrade your Netflix plan, or wait until March and take advantage of a free trial if you have never subscribed to Netflix.



Update (2/3/2015): Outlander has now left the Saved Titles section and moved to the “DVD Queue” section of your Netflix list.  The DVDs will be available on March 3, 2015.

Netflix Queue

Source: Netflix