Food Stylist Lisa Heathcote Discusses the MacKenzie Clan Fare


That beautiful array of food that you see in Castle Leoch dining scenes is not just picked up at the local grocery store. Outlander employs a food stylist, Lisa Heathcote, to design those feasts and make them edible for the actors.  She spoke to EW about her Outlander and Downton Abbey experiences.  Below are Outlander-relevant Q and As, but please read the whole interview over at EW.

Outlander is a different beast from Downton.
“It’s a lot more rugged. With Downton, everything’s set in aspic. It’s all very glossy, whereas Outlander is out-there. They’re wearing big kilts and they’ve got big hunks of meat with feet and beaks and all that. It’s great. It’s really fun.”

But that doesn’t mean Outlander is completely uncouth
“There’s still a sort of elegance about Outlander. They’re not heathens.”


Source: EW