Gold Derby Interviews Caitriona Balfe (Video)

Gold Derby had the opportunity to interview Caitriona Balfe about her work in Outlander.  They did it via a Google Hangout so fans could watch the interview live, and that is quite a treat for the fans.  Caitriona discussed being thrown into the Outlander world and the fans that love the book, the reason for the phenomenon, the love of the characters, the duality of Frank and Jack with Tobias Menzies playing both, Claire trying to reach Jack’s human (non-sadistic) soul, loving two people at once, how modeling helped her in acting, the science fiction elements of the story, the ridiculously long hiatus, the second season, a typical day of filming, what she is looking forward to in the second season, a funny anecdote from the picnic scene with Hugh Munro, and her favorite scenes.

Cast will typically get a script two weeks beforehand.  This is usually a draft and it may change.  When they first started, they had four scripts already in hand.

Source: Gold Derby on YouTube