Diana Gabaldon Signs Deal for Ninth ‘Outlander’ Book

Diana Gabaldon

It comes as no surprise that new fans of the Outlander TV show have been running to pick up the books by Diana Gabaldon.  Earlier this year, Outlander appeared on the New York Times Best-seller List for the first time since its publication.  Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn have also appeared on the best-seller lists.

Taking advantage of the renewed interest in the series, Diana Gabaldon has signed a book deal for her ninth Outlander book.  We know from previous social media posts that Diana has already started writing the book.

“Ms. Gabaldon recently signed a multimillion-dollar book deal for the ninth novel in the series, with Ballantine Bantam Dell. Ms. Gabaldon’s literary agent, Russell Galen, said he waited more than a year to negotiate her new contract so that he could leverage the increased interest from the TV show. Mr. Galen wouldn’t disclose the exact amount of the deal, but said that the novel sold for more than $6 million — more than twice the amount Ms. Gabaldon received for Book 8, in 2010.”

Source: NYT