Twitter Q & A with Tobias Menzies (September 12, 2014)

Official Episode 106

Tobias Menzies took to Twitter today to conduct his first Q & A.  Below is a transcript of the Outlander-related questions.  If you wish to read everything he responded to, please head to Tobias’ Twitter account.

Q: Does BJR know how evil he is?

A: I think so, but he draws the boundaries in a different place to most people, but he’s immoral not amoral.

Q: Did you also do screen tests with Caitriona Balfe?

A: No I didn’t do any chemistry stuff, they kept me separate, probably wise.

Q: Ron’s podcast said it was your idea to wipe Jenny’s face with your finger – is visiting your dark side fun?

A: Yes, I’m afraid all that kinda kinki-ness tends to be my idea….ho hum.

Q: Are you a bit jealous – not being able to wear a kilt?

A: Are you kidding! The kilt is a ridiculous item of clothing……get dressed!

Q: Favorite outfit, 40’s or 18th century?

A: Both great, Terry (Dresbach) is a genius, but have to go red coat.

Q: How did you find the humanity in Black Jack? Does he even have any?

A: Definitely, its not interesting if he doesn’t, don’t you think?

Q: So, have you ever had to switch from Frank to BJR in the same day of shooting?

A: Not yet, but I feel sure there’s gonna be a day…

Q: Will you also be playing BJR’s brother Alex in the next season?

A: Be fun! but I would have to do scenes with myself….? What could possibly go wrong.

Q: (Could not find it.)

A: yes, this next episode is kinda all about what’s driving Jack, what’s going on underneath

Q: Do you improvise a lot on set?

A: No, no real improv, we work on the script a lot and try and stick to it, its quite a precise form of drama.

Q: Diana Gabaldon has said she is BJR. What about you-more in common with BJR or Frank?

A: I love that Diana says this, its great, who could blame her, he’s kinda the best.

Q: We know some really..umm..dark stuff are on the way. How was it like filming those scenes?

A: We’ve been shooting the wentworth stuff these past few weeks. yeah, its dark, what can I say.

Q: Which one do you like to play best, Frank or BJR?

A: Really enjoying them both, the variety is fun.

Q: How does it feel to be not so liked as a character? Does it affect your real life?

A: Oh I think you like me a little bit right?!

Q:  Is this your most challenging role yet? If not, what was?

A: This is certainly up there, but I played Hamlet in the theatre, that was a little challenging too.

Q: I wanted to know if he read the book?

A: I’ve read the first book and 200 odd pages of the second.

Source: Tobias Menzies on Twitter