Twitter Q & A with Sam Heughan (September 26, 2014)

Outlander 2014

A day before the mid-season finale of Outlander, Sam Heughan took to Twitter for another round of #AskOutlander.  Below is the transcript of the Outlander-relevant questions and answers.  If you want to see everything that was asked, go to Sam’s Twitter account.

Q: What did you think when you first saw @caitrionambalfe in Claire’s wedding dress?

A: She really is a woman of beauty and a lady of grace.

Q: When or are y’all filming season two and who is the best horseman or women in the cast ?

A: Oh, this is a bone of contention but @caitrionambalfe knows I’m better than her….

Q: What is your favorite saying or word in Gaelic?

A: There’s some great stuff in last few episodes.

Q: Do you do all the fighting yourself or do you have a double?

A: So far I’ve done all my own stunts! We have doubles, for 2nd unit stuff, they normally show us. Awesome Team.

Q: We were able to see you in really lovely costumes.  What was your favourite outfit so far?

A: Terry @draiochta14 has done an amazing job huh!

Q: How difficult was it to ride horses in a kilt?

A: Very comfortable actually.

Q: We are in love with Jamie. Which is the fictional character you love the most?

A: James Bond. Sherlock Holmes.

Q: Do you think Claire has got an alcohol problem?

A: She’s a bit of a lush huh?! But understandable… hic!

Q: What is the easiest way to make @caitrionambalfe laugh

A: Just smile, she can’t help herself. 🙂

Q: Do we get to see more from Jamie’s perspective in the next few episodes?

A: ooooh, maybe…. 😉

Q: How do you not get sick with filming outside in the Scottish weather?

A: People are ill, you have to be very careful, when one person gets cold, it goes around.

Q: So far, how much of Outlander have you filmed?

A: Season one wrap last night! Plus pick ups….

Q: Will we hear you say sassenach more often now?

A: Jamie has many names for Claire…. Mo nighean Donn

Q: With the character based on a book, do you like having such a reference in understanding Jamie?

A: It’s a great gift, to use as reference but I feel know I understand Jamie, though he has more surprises to come.

Q: In the second book you are in France… Will you shoot there?

A: Some locations I imagine we will!

Q: What was really in the glasses you were drinking from in “The Wedding?”

A: Wine? Whisky? Sugar water….

Q: Do you have Outlandish Companion to refer to?

A: Found Exile more helpful and other shorts stories. Plus “Herself” helps out too sometimes!

Q: Ok so many great acting little nuances with your fingers, hands, eyes as Jamie…you or director’s?

A: Details are mine, Noted them form the books. Directors do however get the performance. It’s a collaboration.

Q:  I understand there is a lot of time between studio takes. Do y’all stay in chrctr?

A: No, but down time pretty busy with press stuff, prepping other scenes, make up checks and drinking coffee.

Q:  Is there anything you don’t like about your character?

A: All the pain he goes through.

Q: Did both read the books?

A: Book one several times and constantly used it for reference, book 2 will be the same. Plus companion books.

Q: So, what do your parents think? Episode 7 was soooo lovely. Great Job!

A: They haven’t seen it yet… gulp

Q: After 1 yr of filming how do you feel you have changed as an actor?

A:  I’ve learned a lot about my skills but also the process and working in media generally. It’s exciting.

Q:  Have you met who will be playing Brianna and if so, what’s your first impression?

A:  Still casting I think…Who’d you like to see?

Q:  Do either of you want to try directing an episode if you had the chance?

A: That’d be a real challenge and a great idea.

Q: If you had the choice to change your character which one would you be?

A: Black Jack!

Q: What’s the most awkward part of shooting a sex scene?

A: The 16 other people in the room.

Q: Do we have a good fight between you and Randall to look forward to?

A: And much more…

Q: Worst equipment malfunction?

A: Graham had trouble with the blood-rig knife that cuts our wrists at the wedding, he got blood EVERYWHERE!

Q: Do you mind keeping the long hair for Dragonfly In Amber during the break?

A:  I don’t mind, it’s part of Jamie.

Q: Are you guys still filming Outlander season 2 in Scotland?

A: We are!

Q: Was Wentworth really hard to film?

A: Intense and difficult but Tobias and Anna the director are fantastic. I’m excited for viewers.

Q: As Gaelic is spoken in the series, will you also both be speaking French when you get to Paris?

A: Mais oui.

Q: As the series goes forward Jamie & Claire age 20 yrs. Will you still play them just with aged makeup?

A: Hope so!

Q:  If you had the chance to tweak a scene a wee bit which one and how?

A: We do tweak a lot, actors, writers and director collaborate a lot.

Q: What was the most emotional scene that you filmed this season?

A: Last day with “Highlanders” was hard. Great ensemble. Brilliant actors.

Q: Are they omissions/ deletions in adaptation you wished had stayed true to book?

A: Always things have to be lost but hopefully we can keep as many as possible!

Q: Is season 1 the end of book 1 or will it continue into season 2?

A: Season 1 is book one. Season two covers book two, but know writers like to bring in elements from others.

Q: When does season 2 begin shooting?

A: Beginning on next year… sometime…

Q: Do you have any kind of ritual before filming?

A: Putting on thekilt is kind of a ritual, you may see it sometime.

Q: Which episode was the most difficult to film?

A: Each ep has own challenges. Weather, location etc but last two rather hard. I’m proud of them.

Q: Is the whisky you’re all drinking on camera real?

A:  If only! But some scenes we both have needed a little “dutch courage.”

Q: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

A: Loved eps 13/14 Wait and you’ll see…

Q: Has your family gone to set of Outlander yet?

A: A few times. Feel so proud. Must stop my mother touching things though..

Q: When Jamie smiled in his sleep in the Wedding episode, was it an easter egg for book readers or just a coincidence?

A: It was a conscious decision. 🙂 He also spoke in his sleep but that was cut.. “Gasta”

Source: Sam Heughan