Twitter Q & A with Caitriona Balfe (September 26, 2014)


Caitriona Balfe took to Twitter for her first #AskOutlander, one day before the mid-season finale of Outlander.  Below is a transcript of the Outlander-related questions and answers.  To see everything that was asked and answered, please go to Caitriona’s Twitter account.

Q: Worst weather conditions you had to shoot in? Which scene?

A:  The Highlander cottage night. Freezing and wet and very muddy. Or scene with Horrocks – horizontal rain.

Q: Tobias plays your lover ánd your enemy. Do you prefer acting with the 20th or 18th century Randall?

A: The scene with Black Jack are great meaty scenes so love them from an acting standpoint. But 40’s was just so romantic.

Q: What’s been the funniest thing to happen during filming?

A: Probably when I tried to sew Sam for real.

Q: Do you think you will miss anything from your pre-Outlander lives? How has it changed you?

A: So far it’s only been good things.

Q: What percentage of stunts do you do yourself?

A:  As much as they will let me do. And then I have an amazing stunt double called Annabelle does the rest.

Q: What’s your favorite scene? why?

A: So many, hard to choose but the wedding was special.

Q: How much will you miss each other during hiatus?

A: Well I’ll be enjoying the peace and quiet for a change..!! But yeah maybe a little.

Q: Think you could legitimately make it in the 1740’s?

A: Nope … For starters how would Sam live without his hair product ..??

Q: Are the actors who play Rupert and Angus as funny off camera as they are on?

A: They are funny and very cool. Steven is also a talented musician too !!

Q:  How uncomfortable/comfortable are the corsets?

A: Not too bad. I’m used to them now.

Q: Favorite fashions? 1940’s or 1740’s?

A: 1940’s

Q: Favorite between scenes pastime?


Q: So how much real alcohol did u drink b4 filming the wedding episode?

A:  Don’t think any..!

Q: Have you been injured on set?

A: A few bruises. I did manage to injure Sam sewing him.

Q: How is it to kiss Sam almost on a daily basis on set?

Sam: Yes how is it Cait????

Cait: eh …. It’s okay I suppose. Good thing he has a penchant for fruity lipbalms. 😉

Q: Will you revert back to your pre-Outlander style and color during haitus?

A: well will take a while for the perm to grow out but yes will be nice to have my own hair again. X

Q: What were you first impressions of each other? Was the chemistry instantaneous?

A: That he was incredibly sweet. And tall.

Q: Who in the cast would fill up a blooper real the fastest?

A: As we saw last night. That would be me..!!!!

Q: Does the break include vacay or is Outlander promo still on deck?

A: First vacay, then see what they spring on us 😉 xx

Q: What will you do now that you have finished filming “outlander”?

A: sleep..!!!!!!

Q: Favourite piece of clothing from the set?

A: My night gown from Ep 1

Q: Which scene from the book was your screen test with each other?

A: One was the scene where Jamie falls off the horse. And the 2nd was the “was it like you thought it would be ” Ep 7

Q: What was the first scene you shot?

A: First scene I shot was the field hospital in WW2. Epic beginning x

Q: What was the most important lesson learned in shooting s1 you’d carry over to s2? 🙂

A:  That it’s possible.!! That seeing the response makes any hard day worth it..!!

Source: Caitriona Balfe