Tobias Menzies Talks “The Garrison Commander” with ET

Official Episode 106

Tobias Menzies spoke with Entertainment Tonight about this week’s episode of Outlander, “The Garrison Commander.”  Here is what he says about his scenes as Black Jack Randall and a little about Frank Randall also:

“It’s a change of pace for the show. Having had a sweeping, dramatic, dare I say romantic, few weeks out in the Highlands, the lens goes right down to a chamber piece between Jack and Claire.”

“It’s based on no more than a page and a half in the book, which the writers have sort of folded out into most of an episode, which is Jack interrogating Claire. … It’s this long conversation the two of them have and it’s a chess game. It’s these two savvy operators trying to discover what each other’s secrets are.”

Tobias adds that the memory of Claire’s husband comes into play as well: “Claire almost can’t help herself but to try and find Frank in Jack.”

Tobias also speaks about his role as Frank Randall in the midseason finale, episode eight, “Both Sides Now.”

“In episode eight, we have a whole chunk of Frank again. We see him a few months down the line, Claire having disappeared, and he’s sort of falling apart in the face of that, and we see some of his more belligerent and choleric qualities. So we see a bit of Jack in Frank, and there are arguably moments in [episode] six where Jack softens and shows his emotions so you see a bit of Frank in Jack.”


Source: Entertainment Tonight