Sam Heughan Interview with Access Hollywood

Official Episode 104

Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) recently spoke with Jolie Lash of Access Hollywood about himself and his role in Outlander.  The interview was conducted at the end of August, so he is further along in filming compared to those that came out when Outlander premiered.  Below are some exerpts from the interview, but please read it all over at Access Hollywood.

“I kind of knew [what I wanted to do], but I kind of didn’t think I could do it, and then I joined a youth theater in Scotland — in Edinburgh — and they put me in a couple of the mainstay shows. And to be honest, I just absolutely fell in love with theater,” he explains. “I used to be like a spear carrier in the big shows. There was one show I was doing — there was a woman… she was a fantastic actress and she had a quite emotional scene and I used to go down like half an hour before my call and just sit in the wings and listen to her, and I’d love, somehow, the sound of people listening. There’s something about the silence of people listening to someone, or watching someone — I just… I love that.”

“I put a lot of effort into that, actually, and I think I still am,” Heughan explains of changing his physique.

“My body’s aching a lot and it takes up a lot of extra time and sometimes you find yourself — I guess it’s about willpower. If you want something, you work for it,” he says, after being asked what he’s learned about himself from his “Outlander” experience.

“I probably won’t know until I finish this season [and] look back on it,” he continues. “But, you know, I’ve certainly discovered that I’ve got more stamina than I thought I had. I guess it’s about confidence, as well… about being able to get up and do these scenes or to sort of be, you know, a main part in a big show. I guess all these things, we don’t know, it’s all quite new. Yeah, I don’t suppose I’ll know until we finish this series.”


Source: AH