Sam Heughan and Ronald D. Moore Discuss “The Wedding” and “Both Sides Now”


In a new article from Access Hollywood, both Sam Heughan and Ronald D. Moore discuss the mid-season finale of Outlander and Ron talks about “The Wedding.”  Below are excerpts, but go read the whole article on Access Hollywood.

“I sort of scanned through some of the responses online. After an episode airs, I always sort of do a quick overview to kind of get a sampling, and I was very pleased. People seem really excited, really moved. There was a lot of just happy fans, and happy viewers and it was great,” he said.
“It’s amazing to feel like we’re actually going to complete this season,” he said. “It will be day 202 of the shoot, which is just an astonishing number, so we’re tired, proud, but definitely ready to wrap.”
“And it’s a nice episode, actually, because you sort of see kind of Frank trying to come to terms with what’s happened and a little bit of he kind of despairs and has a moment of sort of violence, where you see, in a way, a little bit of Jack in Frank.”
Sam: “It’s gone so fast and we were just talking about this just now. That’s sort of six months’ work that we’ve done and it’s just gone. The viewers have all seen it in a matter of [several] weeks, but it’s amazing. We’ve got some great episodes coming up, and I think the cliffhanger is – it’s just the beginning, really, like almost these first [several] episodes are just setting up the whole dynamic between the Black Jack/Claire/Jamie relationship, …”

Source: AH