Post-Premiere Official Photos from ‘Outlander’ Episode 107, “The Wedding”

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If you have not watched the episode yet and do not want to be spoiled on any of the costumes, please don’t scroll any further. 

Starz and everyone involved with the production of Outlander has been very guarded about revealing any details about the wedding part of “The Wedding.”  This is the first time since the show premiered that we have received images post-premiere.  Below are fourteen new official photos from “The Wedding” including new character portraits of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in their wedding wardrobe.



OUT_107-20140716-ND_0718.jpg OUT_107-20140513-ND_0669.jpg OUT_107-20140513-ND_0702.jpg OUT_107-20140519-EM_0528.jpg OUT_107-20140519-EM_1127.jpg Outlander 2014 OUT_107-20140716-ND_0268.jpg OUT_107-20140716-ND_0480.jpg Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014

Source: Starz