Twitter Q & A with Graham McTavish (August 22, 2014)

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Graham McTavish (Dougal MacKenzie) had a Twitter Q & A today for Canada’s Showcase network since Outlander is about to premiere there to our northern cousins.  This is not a complete transcript as only Outlander-relevant Q & A’s are included.  For the complete transcript, head on over to Graham’s twitter account.

Q: What was more challenging to film, Outlander or The Hobbit or are they equal? You are great in both!

A: I will answer that when I eventually finish on Outlander……

Q: Is that actual wine or is the Rhenish on set just pink fizzy juice?

A: Gary (Lewis) insists it’s real.

Q: What do you think about Dougal? Do you like him?

A: He is complicated, but likeable.

Q: When you are not working what do you like to do for fun besides drink Scotch?

A: Cycling, reading history, drawing and more whisky.

Q: What would you like us to know about this Outlander project?

A: Action, adventure, romance, history, time travel and…..KILTS. It’s a ride you won’t want to miss….

Q: Who would win in a fight, Dwalin or Dougal?

A: They would never fight, they’d just compare weapons….

Q: What has been the toughest challenge to date whilst portraying Dougal?

A: Trying not to laugh while working with Duncan Lacroix!

Q: Have you started reading Dragonfly in Amber yet?

A: I’m saving it for the plane….

Q: How do you ‘get in to’ Character?. And, subsequently…’out!’

A: I just step back through the stones…..

Q: Is it fun wearing a kilt??

A: It’s the best!

Q: Have you had much prior experience with horses? Do you like horses?

A: Many jobs riding, and I have grown to like AND respect them!…

Q: How would you describe Dougal & Jamie’s relationship?

A: They are in many ways mirrors of one another. Dougal sees himself in Jamie when was younger, and that makes him very dangerous!

Q: Did a past character you’ve played influence your take on Dougal? If so, which one?

A: I have known a few Dougals in my time in Scotland, interesting people to hang out with,…

Q: How much, if any, Gaelic did you know before Outlander?

A: I owe it all to Àdhamh Ó Broin.

Q: Did you have to brush up on Jacobite history for the role?

A: I knew a fair amount, it’s a period I find very interesting.

Q: You make Dougal so sly but also very likable! What’s your fave thing about playing him?

A: Playing complicated characters is always fun. He has many layers which is meat and drink to an actor.

Q: You’ve just been given a time-traveling DeLorean. Where will you go?

A: 1599, backstage with William Shakespeare….

Q: From Sam Heughan: Who’s your favourite Scottish (fake-ginger) actor? And is that really your beard?

A: Underneath that bald exterior lies a flowing mane of Gingerness.

Q: Do you have a family or clan tartan?

A: Yes, McTavish and my Grandmother was a Graham.

Q:  Any acting plans after filming this season of Outlander? Or just R&R?

A: Announcement soon…

Q: What characteristics do you share/differ with Dougal and Geillis?

A: Passion and loyalty

Q: How many episodes have you seen already?

A: Six.

Q: What is the most demanding part of filming Outlander?

A: Getting a Latte up a mountain…

Q: As one of the head MacKenzies, what has been your favorite scene to film?

A: I loved the first scene where Claire meets us for the first time and we are speaking Gaelic.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most at Outlander set?

A: Scotland!

Q: Best thing about being Dougal?

A: Being entrusted with bringing him to life.

Q: If you could take over a job behind the scenes of Outlander, which would it be?

A: Director of Photography, a fascinating job…..

Q: How many times have you tried to kill your nephew Jamie on the set?

A: I’ve lost count.

Q: Which of your Outlander costars has a hard time keeping a straight face during takes?

A: Cait

Source: Graham McTavish