Twitter Q & A with Co-Executive Producer Maril Davis (August 29, 2014)

Maril Interview

Outlander co-executive producer Maril Davis conducted another Twitter Q & A this afternoon.  Below is the transcript of Outlander-related questions and answers.  To read everything asked and answered, please visit Maril’s Twitter account.

[Spoiler Alert: If you have not read Outlander or Dragonfly in Amber, I would recommend skipping reading this transcript]

Q: Have you read all of the Outlander books/companion books? Has Diana shared unpublished writings with you?

A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Will you get a break before filming of season two starts or just go straight into it?

A: We will get a mini-break before we dive into Season two.

Q: As a fan of the book, what scene did you want to see the most?

A: So hard to pick just one, but I’d say I was interested to see how we’d pull of the spanking scene.

Q: Have you started scouting locations in France for next season??

A: Barely started talking about Season Two. Need to finish season one first!

Q: Any chances to see you on a cameo?

A: LOL – not sure. It’s VERY time consuming. We’ll see 🙂

Q: How many weeks will there be between the first and second halves of season 1?

A:  Honestly, I don’t know. That’s a Starz question.

Q: Is the crew (not just the cast) really feeling the overwhelmingly positive approval of fans? How does it show?

A: YES! We are all so appreciative of amazing support. The fans have been great!!

Q: What’s the most annoying 21st century interference when you are on location?

A: Telephone poles/wires.

Q: Even before being renewed were you planning on how to bring Dragonfly in Amber to screen? Biggest challenges to this?

A: We definitely talked about it. Impossible not to talk about future books while breaking 1st season.

Q: In Sam’s Q&A talked about 12+ hour shooting days. Do you yourself have to be on set the entire time?

A:  I’m usually on set or at the office. I split my time between the two.

Q: How does it feel to know that you are recreating a world that so many people have imagined?

A: It weighs heavy on my shoulders. But, I’ve been encouraged by the positive reaction so far.  And P.S. I’m only one of MANY people responsible for recreating this world!

Q: What is your favorite ‘heard on set’ word to date?

A: hmmmmm, either “Sawny” or “Seriously”

Q: Which was your favorite book & have you had a favorite scene so far?

A: Love them all, especially the mother ship (Outlander) but I think #BreathofSnowandAshes is right up there.

Q: I know it’s a labour of love but has it also been one of your toughest projects?

A: This is by far the toughest project I’ve worked on due to weather, locations and the sheer size of the show.

Q: Are there any spoilers in the unpublished works?

A: Maybe….;)

Q: Do you have anyone cast yet for season two?

A: We have not cast anyone for Season Two yet.

Q: Are you casting Lord John Grey for season 2?

A:  I hope so, although Lord John is obviously much younger in Dragonfly.

Q: 13 ep season 2? Thinking of splitting the book into 2 seasons?

A: No, Dragonfly will be one season, just like the first book.

Q: Do you read what the critics have to say? Is it the job of someones to do so?

A: It’s no one’s job, but I definitely do read what the critics write. You have to hear all sides.

Q: Will you be returning to Doune for the next season?

A: Probably not, since we don’t go back to Castle Leoch in Dragonfly.

Q: Are the numbers of folks watching Outlander what you hoped for? Are they what we need to keep the powers happy?

A: YES! So excited that the show is doing well!

Q: Have you had time to read Written in my a Own a Hearts Blood?

A: I‘ve only had time to read the first few chapters. this pesky show keeps getting in the way! 😉

Q: Since you’re already got a huge studio in Scotland, will you be filming DIA there?

A: Yes, we will continue to use our studio as our home base.

Q: What character do you think will be the hardest to cast in Season 2?

A: Brianna and Roger.

Q: What character do you look forward to the most to cast from Dragonfly in Amber?

A: Probably Lord John and FERGUS!!!

Q: Does Matt Roberts also do scouting for locations? Do you go location hunting? They have been spectacular!

A: Yes he does and I do too. All the writers/producers scout locations for their block.

Q: Can you tell us if Sir Marcus MacRannoch was part of @Outlander_Starz adaptation of book?

A: Not sure we’ve announced who’s playing MacRannoch, but he IS in the show!

Q: Are the actors as excited for Season 2 as we are? Perhaps they’re a wee bit knackered right at this moment.

A: We’re all tired, but also INCREDIBLY excited about Season Two!

Q: Are there different producers for each block? Thought it was only the writers and directors.

A: All of our writers are also Producers. so, a different writer/producer covers each block.

Q: Did cast and crew significant others know the series before filming?

A: I would say most of the cast and crew had never heard of the books before they started working on the show.

Q: *On bended knees* do any of you guys know why Outlander is not airing in the UK?!

A: No clue and it’s very sad. We feel HORRIBLE about it!