Outlander TV News’ Tartan Carpet Interview with Co-Executive Producer Maril Davis

Maril Interview Outlander TV News was lucky enough to be on the tartan carpet for interviews at the premiere of Outlander in San Diego, California.  We teamed with Outlander Podcast for the interviews.

Co-executive producer Maril Davis tried to sneak past us while walking down the carpet, but Ginger was paying attention and grabbed her for an interview.  Ginger asked her to describe the series to someone who has not heard of it before.  It was also the first screening with fans, and she was nervous and hoping to make the fans happy.  She also talks about the social media interaction with fans.  They have 2.5 episodes left to film, so the end of production on season one is near.

(As an aside to the interview, I had to stand back and hold the tripod of the camera due to the height of said tripod and the very small amount of room we had the carpet.  So I apologize for the shakiness of the camera.)

Source: Outlander TV News