Would you rather visit Scotland in 1743 or 1945? See which year the cast chose to visit.

Would you rather wake up in Scotland in 1743 or in 1945 (after World War II)? It’s probably a question many readers have posed to themselves over the years and something Yahoo! TV sought the answer to on the set of Outlander. The cast, including Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, along with executive producer Ronald D. Moore and author Diana Gabaldon provided some varied and interesting answers. Below is just a small portion of the responses. Check out all the answers and a few more set stories from Yahoo! TV.

Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall): “I would probably pick ’45, because as a woman it would probably be slightly easier. The clothes would definitely be easier to get dressed in and out of every day. I like the ’40s style, films, and music that I researched to play Claire.”

Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser): “I like the swords and horses and stuff, but I think the ’40s were quite cool as well. I think I’d be quite happy there.”

Tobias Menzies (Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall and Frank Randall): “1945 and purely for dentistry. I feel like teeth in the 1740s have got to be a painful thing. Either there would be none left in your head or they would be wooden or you would have to have them pulled. I reckon half of them would be rotten. For that alone, here’s to dentistry from 1945.”

Ronald D. Moore (executive producer, writer): “1743. I love history and would be so fascinated to learn about this era in Scotland firsthand. It’s a period and a culture that not many people are that versed in.”

Diana Gabaldon (author): “Tough call. That’s why I wrote books that had both eras. The research is a little like time travel. Probably safer.”

Source: Yahoo! TV