SoHo TV Australia’s Second ‘Outlander’ Trailer

SoHo, the Austrailian channel that is showing Outlander, has given us a second trailer, and what a trailer it is.  There is tons of new footage in this trailer.  They decided to not take an already-released trailer, but made their own.  Again, this is quite the trailer.  We have our first look at Colum (Gary Lewis), Laoghaire (Nell Hudson), Jenny (Laura Donnelly), and Geillis (Lotte Verbeek) in action.  I am including a few screen captures, but it would take all day to capture all the new looks and new footage in the trailer, so please just press play.

Outlander Italian Fans were the first to bring attention to this trailer, and have provided us with a link so that everyone can see it.  You can go to SoHo’s YouTube page to watch all their trailers, but it is country restricted.

Out SohoTv by out-italy

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Source: SoHo, Outlander Italian Fans