Rory Burns Joins the ‘Outlander’ Cast as Young Roger Wakefield

Rory_Burns01052014_143257_Wondering if young Roger Wakefield would be in the first season of Outlander?  According to this report from his school, Rory Burns played young Roger Wakefield for at least one day.  Roger Wakefield is the adopted son of Rev. Wakefield who is played by James Fleet.  For the non-book readers, the character of Roger Wakefield does not become important until the second book, Dragonfly in Amber.  The description of his day on his set is very cute.

Filming took place at Hunterston House in West Kilbride. Much to Rory’s (and his very proud Mummy’s) excitement not only was he picked up and dropped off by personal limousine, he had his own trailer.  

Despite the number of crew on set and the size of filming and lighting equipment Rory was unfazed and enjoyed the experience. His mother said, “A highlight for Rory was a scene in which he gets a biscuit to eat. Eventually after three biscuits the props staff realised that given the chance Rory would eat the whole packet!”

Source: St. Columba’s School via Outlander Podcast