New photo of the MacKenzie Clan, including Jamie and Dougal

The series premiere of Outlander is mere weeks away and with Comic-Con just around the corner, fans are surely in for an onslaught of videos and photos, including the latest image of the Clan MacKenzie. Author Diana Gabaldon was kind enough to identify the “lovely gang of Highlanders” and preempted fan concerns about characters’ heights with a short message:

A lovely gang of Highlanders! (And before we start in with the silly, “Oh, he’s too smaaaaaalll!” kind of thing…Dougal looks larger than the other men in this photo because he’s standing well in front of them. I’ve seen Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish stand side by side–they’re both immense, but Sam is taller by a couple of inches.)

For what it’s worth–none of the men’s heights here look like what they actually are. From left to right, you see Rupert, Murtagh, Angus, Dougal and Jamie. Rupert and Angus are just about the same height; Murtagh is maybe an inch shorter than Dougal, and Jamie, as noted, is a couple of inches taller than Dougal. So just….enjoy them, you know?


Source: @Outlander_Starz, Diana Gabaldon