Master Post: ‘Outlander’ SDCC Interviews

This is the master post for all of the Outlander SDCC or San Diego premiere interviews that Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Graham McTavish, Lotte Verbeek, Nell Hudson, Bear McCreary, Diana Gabaldon, and Ron Moore did while there.  We may post interviews separate if they are of particular interest or something really interesting is included.  Both Sarah and Stephanie will be updating this post.  If there is an interview that we are missing and you feel like it should be included, please feel free to contact us.

*Read or watch any interview at your own spoiler risk.  Interviewing press were given access to Outlander episodes beforehand, and there may be book spoilers as well for non-readers. You have been warned. * 

Added 8/1:  Here is Outlander’s wrap-up video of everything they did at SDCC.

Added 7/31: TV Line’s interview discusses casting, why Ron took the material on, the fandom’s welcome to each casting, Caitriona’s being thrown into the character and avoiding the pressure, Sam’s relief that people can see the finished work, Diana’s expectations with the adaptation, the mid-season break (looks like it was planned on possibly happening for a while) which includes a major cliffhanger (and screaming).

Added 7/31: interviewed the cast on the red carpet.  Below are their videos.

Sam and Caitriona discuss the sets by Jon Gary Steele and filming on them and on location.

Lotte and Tobias talk about their characters’ good qualities and the sets.

Nell discusses Laoghaire’s good qualities and filming in Scotland.

Graham discusses Dougal’s biggest obstacles and his favorite sets.

Diana and Ron discuss their favorite scenes, some differences from the book, and the hardest part of filming in Scotland.

Bear discusses the score, lots of bagpipes, the instruments used, the theme for Mrs. Fitz,

Added 7/31: Seat 42F also was on the San Diego red carpet.

Sam and Caitriona’s interview

Tobias Menzies’ interview

Lotte Verbeek’s interview

Bear McCreary’s interview

Graham McTavish’s interview

Diana Gabaldon and Ron Moore’s interview

Maril Davis’ interview


Added 7/31: Access Hollywood at the San Diego premiere.

Diana Gabaldon Hits the ‘Outlander’ Premiere

Ronald D. Moore’s Love Letter to Scotland

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Talk ‘Outlander’ Fan Reaction

Tobias Menzies’ Randall Roles

Bear McCreary on Composing ‘Outlander’ Music

Lotte Verbeek on Playing Geillis Duncan

Nell Hudson on Playing Laoghaire

Graham McTavish On Becoming An ‘Outlander’ Fan

Cast: If They Were Transported to 1743

Added 7/31: The cast with Rotten Tomatoes

Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, and Lotte Verbeek spoke with Rotten Tomatoes the day after the San Diego premiere.

Added 7/31: Happy Cool at the premiere

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan discuss receiving their casting news and describe the first season in one word.

Diana Gabaldon and Ronald D. Moore on what they are excited for readers to see brought to life.

Bear McCreary on the two audiences for the show.

Graham McTavish on Dougal Mckenzie’s journey in the first season.

Nell Hudson on Laoghaire and learning she was cast on the show.

Tobias Menzies on the development of Frank in the tv series and returning to him in flashbacks.

Added 8/1: That’s Normal’s red carpet interviews

Sam and Caitriona’s interview

Tobias Menzies’ interview

Graham McTavish’s interview

Lotte Verbeek’s interview

Nell Hudson’s interview

Diana Gabaldon and Ron Moore’s interview

They also have a Q and A with Caitriona and Sam. Click here to read the entire post. Below are excerpts:

Q: Has the fan response shaped the way you’re approaching  about your characters? With any sort of bias or expectations?

Caitriona: No, my sort of time frame between getting cast and starting work was so short that I was just three days later I was there, and I was working, so you don’t really have time to think about other things.

But what has been really nice is that it’s long days, the schedule is really grueling, and to get little like messages of support and encouragement. That’s been really helpful. Because there are some days where you’re like, “This is so overwhelming.” So they send you nice well wishes, and it gives you that little boost when you need it. 

Q: Has the cast really been a solid unit because of all the outpouring?

Sam: Yeah, it’s a wonderful cast. We did sort of create a little family at the start, you know all of the Highlanders, with Cait and Tobias. And then it’s really nice how the story progresses, we’ve got sort of a second family now. We got back to Lallybroch and they’re all brilliant. The episodes we’re just finishing now are so high stakes and so interesting. And then the other day we were shooting some pickups and the old crew came back in. It’s just like a big family. 

Q: What’s been your family’s reaction? Have they read the books

Caitriona: My sister, I got cast in September, and by November she had read all seven books. She is a maniac reader. And then she ordered book 8. My other sister has read Outlander, the first one and was texting me, “You’re so Claire!” But they’re just very excited. 

Sam: My mum read the first book recently and there’e always that conversation: “So at the end of the book, you know that bit with Black Jack” … “yeah yeah” … So we sort of glossed over that. But she came on set and I showed her around. She brought my nephew who is ten, and showed him the armory and he was really excited about that. So it’s great to have your family there. Because I’m from Scotland as well, it’s great to come back to Scotland finally be able to show my folks something I’m working on. 

Added 8/1: Here is Buzzfeed’s really cool and cute GIF interview with Sam and Caitriona.  Please click here to view/read it since excerpts don’t really work with this one.

Added 8/1:  Showbiz Junkies interview with Sam and Caitriona.  Please click here to read the entire article.  Below are excerpts.

Were you surprised by the fan reaction since the show isn’t even on yet?

Caitriona Balfe: “Well, we’re kind of used to them at this point. They’re very enthusiastic and very vocal, and that’s how we like it. It’s really great. We finally get to meet a lot of them, some we know from Twitter and stuff like that, so it’s been really nice that we can finally meet them in person and say thank you.”

Sam Heughan: “Their support has been brilliant. The separate fans in groups they’ve set up, the Heughligans and the Caitriots and the Menziatics, the Broinies and whatever they are. There’s just so many and they’re all so involved and they raise a lot of money for charity, my charity and Cat’s as well. They have these fan events. They do the Outlander gathering in Edinburgh. They flew over there.”

Caitriona Balfe: “And something in Seattle and Boston.”

Sam Heughan: “The Outlandish Bakers that somehow track us down on location and bring us lots of sugary goodness, so that’s incredible. It’s really overwhelming.”

How much is Claire relying on her knowledge of the future, versus trying to acclimate?

Caitriona Balfe: “I think the first season, it’s been very interesting because I think primarily her main drive is just to survive and, in a sense, she’s not looking at the macro as much. She has information about the future and about what’s going to happen, especially to the Highlanders, but it’s not something that I think she’s able to fully grasp until she knows that she herself and her life is not at risk. But I think as the story progresses, then she’s able to look at the bigger picture.”

Sam Heughan: “She then starts to find her place and try to fit into this world with that knowledge as well.”

Added 8/1: The Electric Playground interviews Diana, Ron, Sam, and Cait.  Actually, this is from the TCA’s earlier this year, not SDCC.

Added 8/6: Outlander cast with E!’s Kristin Dos Santos

While at Comic Con, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies, and Lotte Verbeek sat down with E!’s Kristin Dos Santos to discuss the series. The group discusses Game of Thrones comparisons, a “grotesque” Sam Heughan, the support of fans, and more. Unfortunately, the video cannot be embedded below, but can be viewed here.