Diana Gabaldon Talks ‘Outlander’ with Amazon’s Omnivoracious

In a new post from Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog, Diana Gabaldon took on three questions she hears all the time as an author that has had her work adapted for the screen: 1. Is it just like you imagined? 2. What’s it like to see these people who’ve lived in your head for so long come to life? 3. Did you ever imagine it would be like this? Before going into detail with each question, Gababldon likened the experience to a scene from Outlander.

Frankly, it’s a bit like the scene in Outlander where Claire asks Jamie—immediately after they’ve made love together for the first time (and his first time ever)—“So was it like you thought it would be?” And—after making her promise not to laugh at him, he confesses, “Almost. I didna realize ye did it face to face. I thought ye must do it the back way—like horses, ye ken?”

Gabaldon goes on to describe the gratitude she felt for being as involved as she has been in the production and how, though he characters are now alive on screen, they have always been “alive” to her. Read the entirety of the post from Omnivoracious here.

Source: Omnivoracious