Diana Gabaldon Discusses ‘Outlander’ with Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Podcast

Diana Gabaldon continues to promote Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, the latest novel in the Outlander series, including a recent interview on the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. During the interview, Gabaldon touches on the influence of Doctor Who on the series, the Gabaldon Theory of Time Travel, Game of Thrones, the upcoming Outlander tv series, and much more. Listen to the full interview here and follow along with the timeline below.

:34 Introduction
1:05 How Doctor Who inspired Outlander
2:25 Coming to the genre of science fiction/ previous writing experience
3:10 Time travel in the series
4:27 Gabaldon Theory of Time Travel
5:19 The Journal of Transfigural Mathemathics
5:45 Interactions with other science fiction writers
6:10 Finding an agent
8:17 Involvement in the science fiction world (other authors, conventions, etc.)
9:15 How the tv series came about and her involvement in the production
11:51 Familiarity with Ron Moore before series
12:21 Friendship with George R.R. Martin and discussions about having their series into tv shows
13:08 Game of Thrones opening doors for other fantasy shows
13:40 Missing out on Game of Thrones
14:09 Game of Thrones controversies (sexual violence, etc.)
14:27 Controversial aspects of Outlander making it into the tv series (ex. sword belt scene)
15:30 How will viewers react to these scenes
16:15 Gabaldon on feminism
16:55 Perspective as a woman of science/science fiction
17:33 Gabaldon’s secret cameo in the tv series
17:50 Science fiction fans as historians
18:30 American Revolutionary war in the novels
20:52 Helpful resources Gabaldon uses when writing/ more Revolutionary war discussion
26:07 Letters from soldiers who read Gabaldon’s novels
27:40 Male readership/ difficulties in marketing the book
30:25 Male vs. female readers’ reactions to the novels
32:40 Gabaldon’s involvement in the tv show’s production
35:10 Historical writers “shad[ing] things towards a modern point of view”
36:24 Reading novels being “suspect” in 18th century America
36:51 Ladies of Lallybroch
37:42 Fan retreat in Seattle
40:32 What the Outlander series means to fans
41:12 Fan reactions to the tv series
42:50 Upcoming projects
44:00 Closing

Source: WIRED